sugarless eating.

DSC_0013.JPGsugar laden cookies

the remarkable andrea has proposed a challenge to her family this week: to eat sugar-free. i wouldn’t dare impose such a challenge on to my husband, whose breakfasts… well, they contain more than one type of sugar.

i, on the other hand, am more inclined to crave savory things. sweet things often make my tummy hurt after more than just a little bit. but going completely sugarless for a week? it will be a challenge. not as much of a challenge as getting my partner to go sugarfree, but a challenge all the same.

no sugar in my coffee, no sweet pastry for breakfast and no after-dinner trip to truffle treasures for gelato.

basically, sugar-free for me means no added sugar and no sweet treats. i don’t eat a lot of pre-packaged foods, so i’m not worried about ketchup and peanut butter.

this is, among other things, also a way to get back into routine. if my breakfast this week is consisting of oatmeal with raisins and sunflower seeds (which, it is), then i will feel fuller and eat less as the day goes on. also, the eating of fruit doesn’t happen around here nearly as much as it should. one week should give me enough time to kick start some good habits and break some bad ones.

anyone else in with me? you can find out more from andrea’s blog.


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