Futur Proche

An ongoing list of things that I would like to do in the near future, or future proche:

  • Paddle the Don
  • Run a 10K race; run a 10K in under 55 minutes
  • Decide if I like running enough to do another half marathon; then do said half marathon
  • Make ice cream
  • Read 100 new books: 50 fiction, 50 non-fiction; read all the works of John Steinbeck
  • Start a sourdough and give it a happy life
  • Return to Europe; see Rhine in Flames; visit Scandinavia
  • Learn a specific style of dance
  • Renovate a space
  • Acquire a hammock
  • See a show at the Art Gallery of Ontario
  • Keep plants alive through a season

One thought on “Futur Proche

  1. I love your list of goals (and the newly redesigned blog). It’s inspiring! Now, what should I put on my 2012 list… Hmm… 🙂

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