Archival Recipes.

Note: This archive hasn’t been updated in a really long time. Like, two years. If I find myself revisiting the act of putting recipes online, then I’ll take some care to restructure and update this. In the meanwhile – a quick guide to finding things that I’ve previously cooked for the internet’s consumption:

baked things
sour cream whole-wheat muffins
cheddar + chive scones
strawberry shortcakes, which work well as biscuits too
zucchini yoghurt muffins
apple breakfast cake
lemon sticky rolls
apple breakfast cake
chocolate cake (breakfast version)

sweet things
carrot cake and lemon cake, in one weekend
chocolate icing, for cupcakes of any sort
vanilla cupcakes, that will put you over the moon
chocolate cake cockaigne, aka the cake from hell
the cake to end all cakes (chocolate ice cream cake with buttercream icing)
lemon cakes with fig filling and goat cheese icing.
white chocolate – lemon cheesecake
lemon curd.
white chocolate-tequila shot cookies
strawberry shortcakes
sour cherry birthday cake
stone fruit and berry galette
lemon tart of awesome
blueberry upside down cake
cherry cornmeal cake
cake pops.
black brownies
almond joy cupcakes
pumpkin cardamom cheesecake
lemon squares
chocolate zucchini cake
chocolate ginger cake
crack pie from momofuku milk bar.

cookie things
brown butter cookies
lime meltaways
chocolate chip cream cheese cookies
lemon iced-tea cookies
chocolate chocolate cookies
peanut butter bacon cookies
candy cane florentines
oreos, version one
lemon ginger cookies

drinking things
cherry lemonade

snacking things
sour cream whole-wheat muffins
roasted chickpeas with spices
cheese stuffed dates

vegetable dishes
kale, raddichio and tomato salad
marinated vegetable salad (a life changing salad)
thai cabbage slaw
zucca di fiore (zucchini flowers)
mashed potatoes with rosemary and apple
winning (romaine) hearts and minds salad.

main dishes
ancho-lime chili chicken
caesar salad for carnivores
lentils, the first time
lentils, redux
pizza dough. or: why are you still buying it at the grocery store?
pasta, from scratch.
roasted garlic & olive oil bread
spanish sandwich sauce

eggplant parmigiana: more than a sum of its parts
pan fried artichokes
goat cheese, tomato, lentil tart

things for giftsfor eating
for preparing
for hosting

other things about food
on federal food subsidies
on why i love bonne maman jam
on cheese
poutine crawl
on picnics and their principles
edible crayons
art inspired food
on brunch
cupcake camp, version 2.0
turkey plans
food fatigue

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