a bit of fluff.

it’s hard to believe, since fall is rearing its cold, windy head at us. but based on what i’ve seen, and read, and heard from friends over the past few weeks, i can’t help but wonder if smores…more specifically, marshmallows, are the new ‘it’ food.

i remember seeing them back in june at the taste of wellington west: watermelon flavoured ones, in green and pink, fluffy, they were.

but then, earlier this week, one of my favourite chefs in ottawa tweeted about toasted marshmallow ice cream. the epitome of camp food, perhaps?

one would think that marshmallow stops at s’mores and toasting them on an open fire. but, those who think that way would be wrong. toasted marshmallow milkshakes? you better believe it. peppermint marshammlow mousse? uh-huh. and homemade marshmallows in every flavour possible.

maybe marshmallows are a summer thing, but i think i’ll be making them for christmas gifts this year.

image julie harmsen


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