A hall of history.

The physiological effects of anxiety are not a welcome thing. At the moment, I’m awaiting big news, potentially life-changing news and I have knots in my stomach and an ache in my head.

Of course, I’ve been through this before. I know that it’s entirely possible that this news will fall through. I’ve been in this place before, where it’s no longer in my hands to control my fate.

So, you can understand why I might be hitting the refresh button on my web browser. In the meantime, let’s consider some interesting, nice things. Shall we?

Why do we love the Titanic? via New Yorker magazine
I’m completely smitten by these notebooks
A genderless pronoun via The Globe and Mail
The Finnish Baby Box via The Atlantic
Why Trees Matter via New York Times
and finally The Cake that Makes Our Family via Gilt Taste


at this exact moment…

…i have a serious case of the sniffles.
…i am no longer in the crabby mood i was this morning.
…i am celebrating don’s first post on foodie dot ca.
…i am excited about the next eight weeks.*
…i am looking forward to making tourtiere for dinner tonight.
…i would like to find time to go for a run today, but i doubt it will happen. (tomorrow? how about it, legs?)
…i have a really great recipe post scheduled for later today.

image via max wanger

*this is a footnote to basically exclaim that i will be working on research for a project that will eventually turn into (fingers crossed) a live exhibit. i am, quite literally, doing what i am going to school for. while still going to school. it’s kind of awesome.