Being where you’re at ago, I stumbled across the phrase “being where you’re at”. It’s good way of roughly summarizing where I’ve been over the last five months. I’ve been where I was at and where I am at, which has mostly been working in Toronto and making do. I’ve been cooking. I’ve been discovering the city. I’ve been, as they say, keeping well. And I’ve been mindful of this space, which has been mine for nearly three years. So, it seems a bit sad to just abandon it completely. Plus, I’ve been in the process of transferring content to my employer’s new website for the past month and it’s reminding me that WordPress is a friendly machine, as these things go.

I have a lot of things that I want to share with you, edible and non-edible. This salad and this project that I’m going to endeavour to undertake as a Christmas gift. And my trip to New York City during Hurricane Sandy.

But, for now, there are dishes in the sink. I’ve been running but haven’t showered. Dinner needs to be started and the carpet should be vacuumed. But, I do feel just a little bit like I’ve come home again.


2 thoughts on “Being where you’re at

  1. Thank you for posting…and please don’t shut down your site! I love reading your entries, whether they are food-related or not.

    (That salad sounds delicious!)

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