I’m unplugging from social media for a week. It will do me a great deal of good to force myself not to refresh my Twitter feed, or check Facebook pages constantly. Because, yes, it’s at the point where I need to force myself to take a hiatus from these things. They’re delightful tools, but they’re relentless.

A friend noted that it’s not really disconnecting if I’m still reachable by text, by email, by blog, by phone. What I’m doing, you could argue, is prioritizing the rest of the world, the things that happen outside of Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest. It’s kind of nice, actually, and also kind of scary to realize the level of obsession with which I check social media.

For example, late last night, I wasn’t able to sleep. I would have asked Twitter to commiserate with me, but instead I got into a good book, and read until my woes were carried away on horseback.

I don’t especially care to know how much time I will get back this week by avoiding the most time-consuming of social media. But, I do anticipate that it will be a lot. The only question is how much things will change when I come back.


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