This weekend (& thoughts on Urban Craft)

Urban Craft Display

Jars upon jars upon jars.

Oh so much food.

A truly inordinate amount of food.

One heck of a happy pup. (via The Gouda Life)

Oh, this weekend was a long and heavy one. Entirely burdensome, but completely worthwhile. There are similarities in launching your own business and running your wedding. Both are labours of love, no doubt, and both occasionally require you to look at your partner and think, and then act. Their support is meaningful, even if to bystanders it appears that they played no part.

Urban Craft was a fantastic experience, and I’m incredibly grateful for the organizers and their volunteers who kept us sane and ensured we had what we needed.

I have come to the realization that I love doing this, even through bouts of frustration at times, that it is a worthwhile endeavour. Most of my frustrations came from the shear mass of stuff that I chose to prepare and less than stellar planning. But, at the end of the day, there’s something incredibly delightful about seeing someone who has never tried an Oreo bite into their first one, a handmade one, and see their eyes open widely. Similarly, there were  a few lovely customers who expressed the utmost excitement when they saw the salted caramel sauce, joy of joys was brought to them.

So, you will likely see me at Urban Craft again, in a few months’ time. In the meantime, I will be offering one type of sauce/spread and one type of baked good for order at the beginning of each month, and I will be taking personal orders.

In the next few days, I will be setting up a page with more details about my offerings, but in the meantime, feel free to drop me a line, if there’s something you’d love.

2 thoughts on “This weekend (& thoughts on Urban Craft)

  1. This is fabulous, Kaitlin! Congratulations on your successful launch at Urban Craft! Good luck with whatever the future holds in store… (Oh, and can I have a bottle of nutella, please please pretty please? 😉

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