Homemade chocolate-hazelnut spread


Since I’m going to be at Urban Craft this weekend, celebrating all things sweet and hopefully selling some delicious things, I thought I would take the opportunity to highlight a few of the things that I will have on offer.

As my husband and I drove over to friends’ on Sunday night, we were trying to determine a schedule for next Saturday: He would walk the dog, I would prepare things to the car, we would drive to his parents, where we will leave the dog and then go the Urban Craft. But, would all the things fit in the car, with the dog? He suggested taking things over the night before, or even earlier this week. I commented on how the chocolate-hazelnut spread needed to be refrigerated.

Husband: But Nutella doesn’t need to be refrigerated
Kaitlin: No, it doesn’t. But Nutella doesn’t have cream in it.
Husband: Doesn’t it have milk in it though?
Kaitlin: Nope. It’s mostly oil and sugar.

Google is good for many things, particularly for finding out the ingredients in things. Whether you have allergies or you simply want to know if you can pronounce the ingredients, Google is a rather informative search engine, even if their new privacy policy scares me.

Sure enough, Google tells us that Nutella, made by Ferrero, contains the following: “SUGAR, PALM OIL, HAZELNUTS, COCOA, SKIM MILK, REDUCED MINERALS WHEY (MILK), LECITHIN AS EMULSIFIER (SOY), VANILLIN: AN ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR.”

I can pronounce all of those. But, I remember my mother telling me when I was in elementary school that I couldn’t take ramen noodles to school because they had palm oil in them and that was the least healthy of all oils. Of course, none of us are eating Nutella for its health benefits. Nor was I intending to eat ramen noodles as a healthy lunch. The environmental impact of palm oil is, however, perhaps more of a concern.


I’m not sure how this post, about something so delicious and lovely as chocolate and hazelnuts, became quite so political so quickly. It’s not so simple as just chocolate and hazelnuts, I suppose. My homemade chocolate-hazelnut spread contains four ingredients: Milk chocolate, cream, hazelnuts, and vanilla bean. As some will tell you, it’s so delicious that it’s hard to not eat it with a spoon. My favourite thing to do is to mix it with marscapone or ricotta and baked it in a bit of leftover pizza dough, for a sweet calzone. Or, dip fruit into it, if you’re concerned about the health effects.


2 thoughts on “Homemade chocolate-hazelnut spread

  1. As some will tell you? Hell yeah! I did eat that entire jar you gave me about a year ago with a spoon. I didn’t have the patience to bake it into anything. Mmmm….

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