a cake for giants.






hello, june. when did you get here? (oh. two weeks ago? i didn’t notice.)

it was my mother-in-law’s birthday on friday. i asked her, really, challenged her, to tell me what kind of cake she wanted. “oh,” she said, “i don’t know. whatever you want to make.” so, i made this. because, aside from my thesis, and aside from working part-time, and managing the dog, and playing ultimate three nights a week, well, i just don’t have enough to do. so, i did.

and it was, in its four-layer glory, wonderful.

but, i must be back to the rewrites of my thesis, so that i may graduate this summer, so that i may have a job, so that i may continue to bake marvelous cakes and not go broke doing so. the circle of cake, as it were.

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