the great caper


today is my niece’s birthday (happy birthday, niece!). i would love to tell you about the peanut butter chocolate gelato cake that i’ve made, that’s sitting nicely in the freezer, waiting to be iced. and i will. but not yet. first, i would like to tell you about what i had for lunch. because while my niece is old enough to sit through, and even enjoy, some of the meals that we’ve made for her, when her birthday comes, she wants pizza. and while i like pizza, the notion of north american, greasy pizza, followed by peanut butter chocolate gelato cake doesn’t sound like it’s that much fun. so, i will have a slice and then i will (hopefully) declare myself full, which i should still be, given the feast i had at lunch.

the feast consisted of two poached eggs, creton from the piggy market and a slice of art-is-in bread, as well as this salad. a short note: if you live in ottawa, you should get yourself to art-is-in bakery. their bread has been declared the best in town on many an occasion, and rightly so, i believe. although i go through bouts of being disinterested with their bread, because it is so well used within restaurants and sold in so many places across the city. their crazy grain, however, is wholesome and not as overwhelming as their dynamite loaves, which are their most popular baguettes. the piggy market are good people and it shows in their products. i implore you to visit them next time you’re in westboro.

but this salad, this salad, while taking a backseat to the wonderful foods that we can find in ottawa, pulls the whole meals together. it’s a perfect complement to a rich lunch or brunch, reminding you to stop and enjoy yourself, and that there are other things out there besides gobs of hollandaise or cream cheese or creton, or whatever your favourite rich breakfast or lunch food might be.

it’s also dead simple.

cucumber-caper salad
1/2 cucumber, quartered and then sliced (so that you get cucumber triangles)
1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
2 tsp mayonnaise
1 tsp capers
pepper to taste



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