food brands, nostalgia and rebellion.


i have no doubt that countless studies have been done on the way that we choose our food. some by academics, some by the food industries, and some likely by both. and i suspect that some one, somewhere, has found that we are inclined to buy the brands that we had as children. some of us will only eat kraft peanut butter, miracle whip, and nestle’s quik (ignoring for the moment the part where these foods aren’t really foods, but rather produced and packaged food-items).

but, then there is me. i was raised on kraft peanut butter, miracle whip and nestle’s quik; the one with the rabbit. apparently, in terms of food, my rebellion has been fought by removing myself from these brands and buying their polar opposites, save for the quik which i no longer consume.

similarly, there are a multitude of ‘foods’, notably those in cans with a sauce resembling ketchup, that taste absolutely no different than they did when i was younger and when i loved them. except that nostalgia doesn’t always hide the sweet, sugary aftertaste of the tomato sauce.

it made me think, the other day, as i was making an open-faced sandwich (mayo, pepperocini and arugula…because that’s all we had, which is what happens when you don’t grocery shop), about my habits as an eater and how i defy myself, as i grow older.

what did you eat as a kid that you absolutely refuse to touch now? perhaps i should defy myself further with some vegetables.

PS: i promise posts will become more regular, in about a week’s time. deadlines loom over me, and i don’t think one can acquire a graduate degree in food blogging. (though, i’m sure the internet will prove me wrong)

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