thinking about how things are changing, i think it’s fair to say that one of the things that i enjoy the most, that i am the most proud of, and in which i think i can do the most growing is in my relationship with the kitchen. (particularly when i phrase it that way, because that also means my relationship with cleaning up in the kitchen). in all seriousness, there is little more that brings me joy and pride than cooking for people. and i know that a handful of people in the audience will look at me and say, “that’s because you don’t have kids yet”. truly, i suspect my relationship with my kids, whenever i get to that point, will a bit like my relationship with the kitchen: nurturing, joyful, a few mishaps along the way and a lot of cleaning up.

but also a lot of practice.

i really like mouse’s take on eating. a partial list, if you will, of the things which i have practiced in the kitchen, in the last week:

  • scones, blueberry-oat-maple, based loosely on this recipe.
  • pasta, twice.
  • chili and cornbread, from here.
  • maple-cardamom carrot cake, recipe forthcoming.
  • french toast, from molly’s book.
  • crispy roasted potatoes, recipe forthcoming.
  • delicious garlicky burgers.
  • omlette.

things that i would like to practice in the kitchen, soon:

  • amaretti cookies
  • oreos. even if i am pretty good at them.
  • a pie. not sure where this notion came from, but i should like to practice making pie.
  • bread. i can make a good bread with just yeast, but i’d like to make a sourdough starter and go from there.
  • patience.
  • curry. in fact, i think i will practice that one tomorrow.

image, blueberry scones. a wee dry. but nothing a coffee can’t fix.


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