beans, beans. and avocados.

image, because my cubicle is unsavoury to photograph from the kitchn

the niece is staying with us this week. and while she is delightful (and a lot older than she was two years ago), and she has learned to like a lot of things, she remains a picky eater. lunches are the worst. (but, aren’t they the worst for me too?) this week, there were sandwiches and drink boxes and kiwis a plenty in our house. and banana bread. might i add that i didn’t get to eat a slice of the banana bread? not even a crumb. that’s how in love my niece and my husband are with it.

anyway. in the midst of the niece being here and her having the stomach flu, there was also three full days of work and two full days of school: there was marking and writing and rewriting, and running and work and making dinner for in-laws and yes. busyness. but, there were lunches. and not just for the niece.

so, when the husband was picking up groceries, i sent him a text and asked if he could buy a can of beans. he didn’t ask questions, he knows better. two avocados sat on our counter for the weekend, preparing for this moment.

black bean and avocado spread/salad

you can eat this as a salad, but i found myself spreading it on toast and crusty bread for lunches this week. however you slice it, it’s tasty and pretty healthy.

1 can black beans, drained and rinsed
2 avocados, sliced and diced
2 cloves garlic, minced
juice and zest of one lemon
salt and pepper to taste.

3 thoughts on “beans, beans. and avocados.

  1. Mmmm … black beans and avocados are two of my favorite things.

    My nieces are so picky that they won’t eat different brands. The sour cream has to be the light kind from TJs or they notice that the label is in a different color and refuse to try it. Crazy.

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