a few favourites…


i’m really excited by the response that the kitchisippi times article has gotten; there appear to be lots of new faces around here (please, do say hello!)

i thought that i might mention at this point (because it’s saturday and because there are new posts around the corner, just not yet), a few of my favourite posts from the past year that i’ve been writing about food. i’ll be back on monday with curry and pasta and maybe even some cake.

eggplant parmagiana
on picnics, because i’m craving warmer weather.
cupcake camp, the third edition of which is a mere seven months away!
peanut butter bacon cookies
maple oat scones (or, in which our puppy makes her tastes known)
edgar, who/which i had the distinct pleasure of visiting this morning. marysol’s huevos rancheros were worth braving the rain.

ps. if you haven’t had peanut butter and molasses on toast (above), you should try some. really

One thought on “a few favourites…

  1. Bravo Kaitlin! Inspiring food, photographs and comments. I will be checking in your blog regularly.

    I live on Tweedsmuir as well.

    There is a Tweedsmuir bookclub that meets once a month if you are interested. Next month we are sharing our favourite cookbooks.

    Thanks for enriching my world.


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