wanted: one delicious lunch, homemade.

poached egg

i have no trouble with breakfast. breakfast is easy-peasy. ninety percent of the time, i grab oatmeal and put in a teaspoon of peanut butter and a teaspoon of some delicious sweet thing (molasses, honey, maple syrup). if we have dried fruit, which we usually don’t, it goes in. if we fresh fruit, i eat it on the side or take it to work for a snack. done. easy. the remainder of the time is split: five percent to bagels that the husband has bought and five percent to picking up a croissant because i’m too damn lazy to get out of bed and make oatmeal before i have to leave.

breakfast is easy.

lunch is not.

when i am at home, my lunches are extraordinary: spinach omelettes to be envyed, roasted tomato and artichoke sandwiches (particularly in the summer months). you get the drift. i will poach an egg on a whim. (in fact, many of my lunches involve eggs). but, when i am working or at school, which is every day of the week right now (see also: infrequent blog posts), my lunches are terrible. delicious, but terrible. a stack of meat on foccacia is a wonderful thing, but really only while you’re eating it. my wallet hurts and frankly, lunches out are filling enough that i don’t care to eat again until nine o’clock.

clearly, i’m doing it wrong.

i used to be inspired to make beet salads and bulgur salads with basil and feta. and for whatever reason, that inspiration has left me. i would eat the same salad for four days straight, without complaint, and then buy lunch on fridays. and that has left me. though, i’m thinking perhaps i need new recipes for lunches.Β the manly man doesn’t have this problem: when he’s working he eats a peanut butter sandwich every day. that takes devotion, folks.

lovely readers, what is your go to lunch? please leave me a few suggestions. it’s quite the conundrum, really.

7 thoughts on “wanted: one delicious lunch, homemade.

  1. Hmm…I’m usually eating something rice based for lunch.

    How about a take on fried rice, only using quinoa or barley?

    Would you have a thermos or other insulated container for soups? Add some baked pita chips and you’ve a good lunch πŸ™‚

    How ’bout a vegetable chili? Or a meat one for that matter πŸ˜›

  2. The salad method is the only thing that has worked for me. A giant Israeli couscous salad with veggies and feta is my go to. Make it Monday, eat it all week.

    Sadly, when I lack motivation I just end up relying on frozen meals. Cheap, but not so great for me and definitely not as tasty as homemade. But sometimes I just need to be easy on myself, so I let it go.

  3. Darling Son takes a lunch to work everyday and gets the routine fatigue too. He always makes it the night before when energy, although not high, is way higher than 6:30 am. We have been on a binge of putting single size servings into the freezer of leftovers just especially for him having a hot lunch. He is fortunate to have a microwave on site. The single serving is taken from the freezer and popped into his glass container for work. Nice way to deal with keeping it from getting too warm through the morning. The freezer has many choices – soups, stews, lasagna, meat balls and sauce, chili, curries, spaghetti sauce and noodles. I think in total there are 13 choices right now. As well, he often brings veggies and dip. He preps the veggies at the beginning of the week and makes enough for at least 3 days. Homemade cookies (again stash from the freezer) for his sweet tooth and then an apple. He never seems to waiver on the choice of fruit. If he is extra hungry,he makes a sandwich. Art-is-in cheddar jalapeno is pre-cut and in sandwich size lengths in the freezer. Sometimes there is leftover salad, like Greek. Something that still holds up day two. For the most part, it is winter focused as he really wants a hearty warm meal. And maybe not super exciting but it is week 7 of so of the endeavour and no complaints. He just appreciates that it is homemade.

  4. My favourite lunch is one sliced tomato, 1/2 sliced cucumber, basil and bococcini with a little salt and pepper. If I need some added protein I will take one of those little cans of tuna with the pull tab lid and throw that on too. Delicious, easy and quick to prep the night before.

  5. I usually take leftovers, so soup, spaghetti, stirfry, stew, wraps… That leaves me with warm food and hearty food to last me through the afternoon and beyond – dog walking time is prime starvation time! I barely ever make myself sandwiches – I think I’m still recovering from childhood lunches… πŸ˜‰

  6. I am a big fan in cooking extra food when making dinner, and putting that in a tupperware to go for the next day. Sometimes I bring the blue menu frozen dinners to work too (I know that isn’t homemade… but its not that expensive and sometimes quite filling). Granola Bars, Cheese and Crackers, Yogurt and a piece of fruit too. I never like to go hungry when @ work or @ school.

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