eyes on the prize.

oh, 2010, you were divine. i traveled, a lot. i loved, a lot. i ate and cooked, an awful lot. (but not too much). and, truth be told, i procrastinated, more than the lion’s share.

my goals for 2011 are big. and measured. and paced. and designed with some degree of routine in mind. i have started compartmentalizing my days into half hour periods. i fear if i do not, the lack of structure will consume my ability to be productive. (it already has).

that doesn’t mean that i’ll stop blogging. on the contrary. it means that i hope to have a more structured routine in my blogging (and everything else). it does mean, however, that the weekend round up posts will go for a while. but, there will still be recipes! and photos! and friday food links!

oh, and i’m tumbling now too. but, to be honest, i’m a little unsure of how one tumbles. i was never very good at that sort of thing.

*big goals include: finishing my master’s research, getting my driver’s license, reading six(!!) books that aren’t for my research, running a 10k, and baking a new recipe each week. so, yeah. i need to focus.

image ciel photography (by way of fame + frippery)


One thought on “eyes on the prize.

  1. love your goals. mine is to do a repeat of my 2001 resolution – read 1 book a week for a year. did it then … am hoping to be able to do it again. i like the bake 1 new recipe a week … can’t wait to see and read about your adventures!

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