homemade oreos.

#14daysofchristmas day one: bake cookies. (homemade oreos. nabisco has nothing on me)

i can’t go a week without posting a new cookie recipe, can i? clearly, not. i know, a lot of you are looking at this page and wondering, “what? oreos? why waste time with those?” believe me, when i say this isn’t a waste of time.

i believe the word from friends after the cookie exchange was something to the effect of “WHY DIDN’T YOU TEST THOSE ON US?” in a sad sort of voice, my friends were spoiled with cookie testing for the last month, so, i understand that they saw it as saving-the-best-until-the-cookie-exchange. which, it wasn’t.

i found these in a last minute search on, where else, but smitten kitchen.*

the key here lies in the right amount of sugar. you know how oreos kind of take like cocoa wafers? yeah. these don’t. these, you might even call sweet. we used about 1 1/4 cups of sugar (halfway between the range that deb gives) and they were perfect. so perfect, that i’m just going to tell you about them, and send you over to her and her recipe.

go. glasses of milk left out for santa claus will thank you.

*um, yes. i have an obsession with her recipes, i do. please, someone, turn me on to a) some new food blogs, specifically for baking and b) a food blog aggregator that works better than google reader (unless i should just open a separate account, lest my favourite recipes be alongside my favourite tips from apartment therapy)


4 thoughts on “homemade oreos.

  1. I love her recipes too. I’m terrible usually at baking and cooking sweet stuff but every recipe I have made from her blog have turned out great! These cookies look delicious…

    • Rachel, I’m getting that way with your blog: The goodies, the food, the stories. My husband has told me to just start calling you by your name, rather than referencing your blog as well. To save me a breath, right?

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