christmas ornaments.

christmas ball, 1

completely not food related, but i thought i would share what i did on saturday night, with a glass of malbec and more christmas carols than i care to admit.

aside from making a pretty garland, which i do for most celebrations (halloween, birthdays, new year’s and any other excuse i can think of, inspired largely by the lovely rachel), i made a bunch of these really cute christmas balls.

i grabbed a half dozen clear glass christmas balls from michael’s for six bucks. i took old magazines, of which i had plenty and cut them into strips. i curled them. i folded them like accordions. and then i stuffed. and stuffed. and then, i took pictures. by this point, two things were apparent: the christmas ornaments were quite cute, and i was out of wine.

ps. if you want to make these more food-festive, perhaps as part of your centrepiece, you could fill them with mini-marshmallows, chopped candy cane, or other bite-sized, non-perishable goods. in fact, i may just try that next…


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