candy cake pops

a few months back, i made cake pops for my husband’s birthday. people have not forgotten. such that i might have actually mentioned that there would be cake pops, just in case someone needed a reason to come.*

i couldn’t decide what flavour to make, so i made some lemon, some vanilla, and a lot of chocolate. in sum? close to eighty cake pops. i learned this time that the pops are much easier to handle if flattened a bit like a lollipop, and that they freeze remarkably well. with that in mind, we did not eat eighty cake pops. we ate maybe fifty?

some of the remaining are still in the freezer, waiting to be dipped. some went to my niece and her friends in lieu of halloween candy. and some went to the delightful girls at the candy store. in fact, they were kind of pivotal in the making of the cake pops. you see, the green flakes on the chocolate ones? mint malt balls (delicious!) inside the purple ones’ vanilla cake was tucked a grape gummy bear. and the blue sprinkles is lemon with lemon drops in the middle. candy and cake pops? they get along just fine.

so, if you have lots of leftover halloween candy, i implore you to find a cake pop that it will suit.

*and still, someone else brought pumpkin pie. might i tell you that pumpkin pie freezes really well? for both the purposes of reheating and for eating frozen.


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