apples to apples.


when prodded, i would probably tell you that there is only one food in the world that i have tried and disliked, and those are green peppers. any other bell pepper is just fine, but not green ones. i occasionally get evil glares when ordering pizza, but it otherwise doesn’t seem to both folks. for a long time in my life, i thought i hated oranges. but, that was more because my mother never bought them and because i didn’t like the pith or worrying about seeds. you probably know my thoughts on citrus by now and while its rare that i eat a raw orange, i do eat lemons from time to time.

apples, however, were a category of fruit that i never disliked, but never loved. the apple, it was filler. i didn’t see the point, it was a bit gritty and fibrous and maybe tart if you had a granny smith, but otherwise just sweet. apples always just tasted like sweet to me.

enter the honeycrisp. wandering through the local produce store (she really sells mostly fruit and vegetables; shopping here results in healthy eating), i overheard someone refer to the honeycrisp apple as better than chocolate. which, and you also know my feelings on chocolate, didn’t sway me. however, what did sway me, was when it was then referred to as the crack equivalent of tree fruit. so i bought one. i was hungry and it had been a good year since my last apple. and it was healthier than the biscotti that i wanted to buy at the italian deli, but didn’t.

i don’t dare compare the two, the crack and the apple, but if i had to venture, i would say that the apple is undoubtedly more tasty. it was crunchy and crisp, but sweet and smooth and not as fibrous as the apples that had come before it. i raved about it and asked people if they had heard of it. and they had. and then, i was angry: why had nobody told me of this wonderful fruit? why had it taken me twenty-four years to find this apple, which is a sphere of fruity perfection? while my mother was giving me canned pineapple and bananas, i could have been eating honeycrisp apples? really?

perhaps this is a bit hyperbolic. just a bit. but, ultimately, i want you to take one thing away from this: honeycrisps? are delicious. like crack, probably, though i do not wish to actually compare. and if you haven’t had one, you should go find some. several, in fact. because if you only buy one, you may go into a period of withdrawal, as i did.


5 thoughts on “apples to apples.

  1. Oh man do I love honeycrisps. I just tweeted that I bought Galas yesterday because they were on sale and were 1/4 the price of honeycrisps. I’m eating a Gala right now and it just isn’t as good 😦

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