usually i don’t review restaurants. or coffee shops. or other purveyors of food. that is all compiled nicely over on ottawa foodies. but this is an exception. you know marysol? of she eats bears? of swapping vegetables for cookies? of the life changing salad? she has her own place now.

it’s called edgar (her father’s name, i am told). and it is fabulous. it’s a culmination of all the wonderful, homemade, well-considered food that marysol has shared on her blog. except in a space that is as bright as she, and open and warm. let me tell you: when we went for breakfast this morning, i was completely blissed out. i could have stayed for hours. had more coffee. eaten a sandwich and soup for lunch. lingered. it’s that good.

cinnamon brioche bun with dates and bacon and lots of other yumminess. you need to try this.

it’s in gatineau, which for some people (myself included) might be a touch scary, since y’know, the street comes before the street’s name. but believe me: it’s easy to find. and it’s worth seeking out. so very worth it.


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