eggs on toast.

this is not complicated. which is good. because i don’t have time for complicated right now. especially not in the kitchen, when the dog is hoverin over me, waiting for a scrap to fall. she likes eggs, for what it’s worth. then again, she likes anything.* but this, this is good stuff.

i did this with egg whites, for i had a bunch leftover from making lemon curd.

toast some bread.
scramble up a few eggs in a pan with olive oil.
add some herbs de provence, salt and pepper.
throw on about two tablespoons of cheese.
dump the scramble over your warm toast.

simple. good. easy.

*yesterday, i pulled a dead squirrel from her mouth. then i squirmed and flung it back into the bushes. apologies if your dog found it later on. not the type of thing you want to read on a food blog, but yeah. i squealed like a little girl.


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