how i cleaned out my pantry and learned to love organizing!

ha. ha ha. not even close. but, i did clean out my pantry. the thing is, the last few weeks have been pretty busy around here. having a puppy? it’s like having a little one, at least, as close as i can come to imagining. in fact, the only reason i’m writing right now is because i spent the last hour tiring her out. so, here i am. (sidebar: she has decided to come roll around at my feet. i do apologize if this gets derailed).

in light of the hectic in our house, the kitchen has become, shall we say, a war zone. our kitchen is petite, fifty-some square feet at a guess. it’s where i spend most of my afternoons right now, and, therefore, where jayne wants to be. so, it’s not really an exaggeration to say that i feel like i’m tripping over her most days. however, i also feel like my dishes, bowls, appliances and food are tripping over each other as well.

so, i did what any insane person would do*: i enlisted in the kitchn’s fall cure. if you don’t read the kitchn or the apartment therapy blogs, i promise i will not judge you. but, they are one of the best online resources that i’ve found. paired with one of my favourite magazine, real simple, i make do. that is, i think i have a handle on this homemaking thing.

and see, this is where real simple comes in. the task for the kitchen cure this week was to clean out one’s fridge, freeze and pantry. in light of canadian thanksgiving last week, i cleaned out the fridge and freezer to make room for an assortment of yummy. so, that was done. the pantry, however, was another story.

i would seriously recommend looking at real simple’s speed clean your pantry article. it’s a pretty effective checklist and shortens the job into a micro task, rather than, ‘hey, let’s clean the kitchen!’.

it’s funny, because when i signed up for the kitchen cure, it asked me what i would like to get out of it. and, of course, my immediate thought was “a clean kitchen!” but, yeah. about that. clearly, what i want -and need- is to learn how to clean on a small scale. i can spend the whole afternoon cleaning. i can. the problem is, it’s an obsession for the first two hours and then the next two are consumed with me disinterested and half-assedly finished what i started. so, i need to learn to work on the small things. i just can’t promise that future weeks will go as smoothly.

*insane: those of us who are working part-time, going to school full-time, and y’know, have some sort of a social life, plus dog, plus husband, to top it off.


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