basic tomato sauce.


everyone should have a standard tomato sauce recipe in their back pocket. just in case, y’know, your landlord comes by with more tomatoes than you know what to do with, and so you do nothing with them, and eventually they are ugly and overripe. oh, and to make matters worse, your favourite farmer at the market, well, she gives you a double order of tomatoes because it’s the last day for her and they too are overripe.

and then, when you want tomato in the salad, you have none. but, you have lots for sauce.

that sums up monday for you. we looked in the fridge for tomatoes to add to the salad and instead, ended up planning tonight’s pasta dinner. on the upside, i don’t have to worry about making tomato sauce. since, y’know, i already did that.

the consensus on the internets and in cookbooks that some ratio of tomatoes to onion and/or garlic to some sort of fat is ideal. don’t be afraid about cooking the tomato to get the skins off: if you make a tiny x (or, if you’re like me and gouge them), the skins will rub off just fine.

if you’re using butter as your fat and overdo it: have no fear, you’ve gotten yourself a bit closer to a rosé sauce and there’s nothing wrong with that (or so i told myself on monday).

basic (hard to muck up) tomato sauce
makes about three cups

about a pound of tomatoes, any shape size or colour
1/4 cup butter
two garlic cloves
half an onion

make little Xs on your tomatoes and throw them in a pot of boiling water. cook until the skin starts to peel.
remove and run under cold water and take the skins off.
throw them back in the pot with your butter, garlic and onion.
cook, mashing the tomatoes, for about fifteen minutes, then turn the heat down to a simmer for about a half hour.
discard the onion and garlic cloves and add a bit of salt to taste.


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