notes on a turkey.

the images in this post were all taken as part of andrea’s 10/10/10 project.

2/10. autumn's here.

autumn approaches.

so, i did it.

i actually made thanksgiving dinner for eight people. nine, if you count my niece who consumed her share of pie and cheesecake. i will be fair, in saying that both my mother and mother-in-law made a dish and that one sister-in-law allowed us to use her place (and her dining room table, a key factor, if you ever saw one), while another brought naan chips and dip (less of a key factor, really).

but, at the end of the day, the meal was a triumph, one for my recipes, and my adaptations of others’ recipes, were held to the highest standard of family who are at once picky and adventurous eaters. i somehow expected something to go wrong. and to be honest, i think so did they.

9/10. it's a turkey.

the bird.

in addition to prepping dinner, i also attended a two year-old’s birthday party, just prior to putting the turkey in the oven. when i mentioned to my mother at the party that the turkey had yet to go in, she seemed taken aback. apparently, one does not roast a turkey at 425. but, it worked. not only that, but everyone at the table was convinced that it was the most moist and juicy turkey they had ever had. thank you, herbed butter for doing your basting work, and aluminum foil for provided added protection from splatters.

8/10. table set.

table for nine.

yes, i know i am boasting. but, it is a feat of feats to provide thanksgiving dinner to both my families: my immediate family are adventurous eaters – in my upbringing, i learned to enjoy escargot and some types of offal, as well as vegetables cooked every which way. on the other hand, prior to this thanksgiving, my in-laws had mostly eaten boiled peas, raw carrots and mashed potatoes, and the cranberry sauce came from a jar.* it was kind of exciting to see everyone in that room nodded in agreement, and make various noises to show that they were comforted by the food that i had made. they were all happy and thankful for this meal.

a happy medium. a compromise of food, if you will. that is what this thanksgiving was about.

*to be honest, i don’t care for cranberry sauce on turkey. however, it was agreed that the sauce at dinner on sunday would also be nice on toast or with fruit. or ice cream. or wherever else one might find themselves putting jam.


2 thoughts on “notes on a turkey.

  1. When I was in Mexico I decided to make Thanksgiving dinner for my host family. They decided it was a party and invited 20 people. So suddenly my first solo attempt at Thanksgiving dinner turned into a huge ordeal. Not to mention finding a turkey in Mexico is a whole different story. But at the end of the day I felt very accomplished. Looks like your dinner turned out well. Now I want Thanksgiving dinner, but it’s still over a month away here.

  2. I had to adjust to stuffing in Ontario as it is different from what we make out east. We use Summer Savoury and potatoes in our stuffing…my in laws use sage. BUT they also make a great cranberry orange “sauce” that I love and would eat on anything if I could get away with it! My first turkey had a real “note” on it as I could not locate the baggie with the giblets etc…and the printing got cooked onto the inside of the turkey.

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