plan of attack, turkey-edition.

when did it get to be thursday, exactly? oh, right, after the vet visit, job interview, library trips and walks with jayne (which, i am hearby dubbing jayne’s walks). this is the first time that i’ve sat down all day today; which is saying a lot from someone who just spent months at a desk job.

in short, turkey was the furthest thing from my mind, before this morning. at which point, i realized that i had to pick it up this afternoon. and that if i didn’t also pick up other groceries at some point today, the whole process would take longer, because others would be doing this too. and, my parents are coming to dinner on saturday, in addition to thanksgiving.

in short, this post is partially to create a plan of attack for myself. but also, to help anyone who (like me) is trying to decide what that third vegetable dish or second dessert should be.

turkey, from the sausage kitchen: she will be brined and stuffed and then covered in melted butter, infused with herbs de provence. just because i won’t buy a pre-basted turkey doesn’t mean that i’m not going to baste it myself.
stuffings: not one, but two. people fight in families over certain things at the thanksgiving dinner table. for some, it’s the pie. for other’s, it’s the drumstick. for me, my parents and my in-laws, it’s stuffing. we are hardly being remiss in having two (from both mothers). i’m placing money on there not being leftovers
homemade cranberry sauce: recipe forthcoming.
cheesy mashed potato casserole: something akin to oprah’s version, but with lots of garlic. the thing is, my mom has been making this since i was a little girl. this, and the stuffing, define thanksgiving to me.
brussel sprouts: before you wince, go look at molly’s recipe. yeah, that’s what i thought. also, i’m adding crispy pancetta to mine.
spring greens with pecans and dried cranberries: because you need a palette cleanser somewhere
(some other vegetable! help me out here, folks!)

bourbon pumpkin cheesecake: deb is never wrong.
my mother-in-law’s pumpkin pie: two desserts, because while no one in the family will fight over the pie, my father-in-law will eat ahalf one, if given the chance.

i toted my first bag of serious groceries home this morning, with the dog in toe. all i can say is: do not attempt to bring home a pie pumpkin, 16 potatoes and a host of eggs, butter and milk, while training a puppy how to walk.

image via a cup of jo

One thought on “plan of attack, turkey-edition.

  1. Your turkey is a she? What is her name? I always name my turkeys. And interestingly they always get a male name. Hmmmm. My very first bird was named Seamus. This one will be called Franklin. Maybe I should start doing it alphabetically like they do tropical storms/hurricanes. I think they have a very solid methodology. Whoever ‘they’ are. Those hurricane naming people.

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