i want to step away briefly from the discussion of food this week to talk a bit about a loverly new shop in my neck of the woods. (if only my neighbourhood was so wooded). shortly after i moved here, i discovered workshop, an incredible store of treasures from wonderful canadian designers, mostly women. the owners, bridget and christina, are delightful as can be and know a good thing when they see it. they saw an opportunity to market such lovely pieces to women who have a more classic style of fashion, but still providing a unique twist and the awesomeness of handmade.


on saturday, i had the chance to take a peek inside their newest endeavor, flock. the space here is cleaner and more modern looking than workshop; flock is workshop’s older, slightly wiser sister. the designs at workshop are more about taking risks, while flock is about having a carefully curated collection of pieces that speak volumes about your taste.

i would strongly recommend venturing to flock to (ahem) take a gander at their pieces. they have a lovely collection of not only clothing and accessories, but also housewares to boot.


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