thinking about practice turkeys.

subtitle: getting my martha on.

it’s september, even if the weather outside would suggest otherwise. my husband & i have been talking about getting a dog for the past few months and it looks like this might be the month. with that in mind, we told my parents that we wouldn’t travel five hours with a puppy. no, siree. that’s as bad as driving five hours with a toddler.

so, thanksgiving is here. with them. and his parents. and sisters (plus a plus one). and the niece.* and the puppy, hopefully. we’re hosting. or at least, cooking.

and i’m completely okay with that. except, that i’ve never done it before. and consequently, i feel a bit like ellie in the episode of chuck where her boyfriend’s parents come for thanksgiving and she makes practice turkeys. i might make practice pies. but at the very least, i don’t think that six weeks in advance is too early to think about a thanksgiving menu. is it? okay, good.

i can’t be completely type-a here, because my mother is better at that than i am. it’s being hosted at my sister-in-law’s, because she has more space than we do. luckily, she is close enough that we could walk over there with a roasting pan, no sweat. but planning the menu? it’ll be all me. (and the decorations, too).

*the niece whom i adore, 85% of the time. the other 15% she is poorly mannered and a bit selfish. and she doesn’t listen. an intervention, in the style of my fair lady, may be necessary before thanksgiving with my ever so very proper parents.

image smitten kitchen


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