friday food links.

happy weekend!
a puzzle cutting board [via swiss miss and apartment therapy]
a review of nyc’s doughnut plant [via david lebovitz]*
shortbread buttons [via forty sixth at grace]
i just starting reading baking cakes in kigali. so far, i’d highly recommend it. if, you like cake.
picnics. and potatoes [via molly, one of my favourites]
finally, be sure to have a look at the cookbook swap.

*i include this, because we didn’t make it there last year. friends wanted to go see the financial district. somehow, doughnuts seemed irrelevant to them. i was pissed.

image via how-to-simplify


3 thoughts on “friday food links.

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    • Which, is why I was so sad when they insisted we go see the stock exchange. Really, why can’t we just make food a currency?

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