on brunch.

eggs, boiled medium

on a food website that i frequent, well, frequently, there is a discussion taking place on the merits of brunch. specifically, one individual posited that brunch. is. not. a. real. meal.

this, this saddened me greatly. otherwise, what was this feast that took place on saturday, amongst good friends?

out of town friends told us that they would be in town and that plans should be made and so it was. out of town friends brought bagels and cream cheese. in town friends brought chocolate amaretto cheesecake and peaches. we provided bacon and eggs and coffee cake. and fruit salad. but not a diner fruit salad: a fruit salad of peaches and raspberries with a bit of yogurt and olive oil. fruit salad that you could swoon over.* and the all important offerings of coffee, and orange juice.

how is that not a real meal? moreover, we lounged, we lingered over the meal. some of us went back for seconds. i might have had thirds of the fruit salad. then, we went to the park and played.

it felt akin to the procedure followed on christmas and at birthdays and those i consider to be the most pure of meals. it was also a solid reminder of how much i love cooking for people and spending time with friends. saturday we had friends for brunch and friends for dinner. not the same friends. i was exhausted. and yet, i was content.

so, yes. brunch is a real meal. and if need be, i would be very happy to prove it to you.

*could and did. pretty sure our friends’ one year-old stuffed away at least a peach and a half.

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