happy civic holiday!

i am going for breakfast and then bicycling, cooking and playing frisbee. maybe we’ll barbecue tonight. what are you doing with the last day of the long weekend and the second day of the month??

image via david sykes


3 thoughts on “happy civic holiday!

  1. I am working hard so I can give my foodie followers new tools to make their days even more delicious.

    But I did take so time yesterday to enjoy the fact that I was not working today; I went back to La Cigale in Chelsea. As usual, I tried 3 different kinds of ice creams and sorbets.

    1. Raspberries and Champagne Sorbet – Raspberries ok but how the hell do you make a sorbet taste like champagne? I love the bubbly but it’s hard to describe the actual subtle taste. The answer: the fizz of course! I could feel the thick cold paste gently sparkle on my tongue.

    2. Chocolate and Hazelnut Ice Cream – Exactly what you’d expect but there were big chunks of hazelnuts, making it crunchy. It was delicious.

    3. Cream & Brownies – It was not brownie dough or any chocolate-ish twirls, there were actual pieces of brownies. Miam.

    So, I wish you play lots of frisbee because if did my job right, you probably want to run to Chelsea now and indulge with this very bad delicious treat. I certainly have to put more effort at the gym after it!

  2. that is the cutest picture ever!!

    Have fun with the frisbee, last time I played I was only giggles.
    Today, I am weeding out the garden and doing a small loot basket for a very deserving girl đŸ˜‰

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