a distraction at the moment.

my office building. i like it here

i hate to complain. i really do. someone very nice was talking about me behind my back, but told me afterward that it was agreed that i was the least whiny of the people my age that he knew. did i mention, i hate whining?*

so, if i may instead, list for you what my week has consisted of:

01. having work contract extended
02. having extension annulled. that is to say, my boss wasn’t as right as she thought she was going to be. hopes were dashed. i will be jobless as of september 4. (luckily, the fourth is a saturday).
03. forty hours of work, eight hours of ultimate.
04. a half-ways decent attempt at my research proposal.

i know i don’t have it exceptionally rough. i have four weeks to find a part time job that pays decently and will make me happy on at least one level. i am qualified for many things, it’s just they all seem to require 40 hours of work, which i’m not going to do while writing a thesis. no, thank you. and this is stressing me out.

another very nice person made the comment that i always land on my feet, and while i don’t care for cats, she’s right. i will figure this out, all in good time. the thing is, until i get number two on that list sorted out, my week will basically consisted of forty hours of work, resume writing, job hunting and proposal writing. plus, ultimate. and cooking from time to time.

all this is to say, things might be fluffy around here for the next week, though i’m hoping to destress with extra cooking and sharing of goodies. but yes, the pending unemployment is a bit of a distraction at the moment.

*our kids, when we get around to that, will not whine. at the very least, it will not be tolerate. same goes for whimpering dog. unless i step on your tail, you have no cause for whining.


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