observing, the first.

this week, i made a trip (home) to london. to observe the passing of my uncle. it was, hands down, the most memorable memorial that i have been to. (mind you, i am lucky, in that i haven’t been to many).

it was the type of memorial service that my uncle himself might have liked to attend. we cried. we laughed. i cried some more.

my uncle and i were close when i was younger and until last night i couldn’t quite pinpoint what about him i missed. but, then i realized there wasn’t any one thing. i just missed him.

it occured to me last night that jack had a lot of qualities that my husband has. he’s smart, charming, romantic, and a complete smart ass. but he means well in all that he does. and he cares deeply about people.

he and my aunt are two of the most unforgiving people who i know and i’ve learned a lot from them. my aunt’s brother gifted her a photograph of an old drive-in diner, rocky’s, in guelph, where they grew up. i looked at my aunt confusedly, and she replied, “that’s where jack and i used to park. y’know. it’s where we went to snog”. my mother blushed. i smiled. that’s just how they were. happy with one another, without exception and without excuses.

(observing, the second. will have to do with something completely different: observances on pretty, mass-produced things. there may also be food between now and then).


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