peaches and ricotta.

i apologize for the terrible photo. had i know my breakfast this morning was going to be so tasty, i might have opted to bring my camera to work. or borrow the staff camera.*

it’s shameful how ugly this looks. but, really. it’s rather tasty. rather very tasty. so much more so than the moldy peaches i would have ended up with.

yesterday, i took a peach out of the fridge and found there was mold on the top of the peach. so, i cut it out, wrapped the peach and took (what i thought was) a fresh one for lunch.

at lunch, i discovered that the pit was broken. i was not a happy peach eater.

when i got home, i told andrew this. he wondered if it was a trend among the peaches. sure enough, he was right. of my four peaches, (local, organic and a whopping $3.99/lb) three had broken pits. they were molding from the inside out.

ew, right?

i managed to salvage them by slicing them up, but i had to eat them nearly right away. so, breakfast this morning became two peaches, with ricotta, yogurt and brown sugar.

i highly recommend it. though, maybe with fresh peaches next time.

peaches with creamy ricotta and brown sugar

four peaches, cut into eighths
1/4 cup ricotta cheese
1/2 cup yogurt
1 tbsp brown sugar

mix the ricotta, yogurt and brown sugar together and pour over your peaches. refrigerate. eat. bask in peachy goodness.

*although, then it would raise the question: “why is there a photo of peaches between the human rights monument and the pictures of the queen from last week?” and i would have no answer.

2 thoughts on “peaches and ricotta.

    • Yeah. About that. We should go to Farm Boy. But, somehow Herb & Spice seems better. Which is to say, it’s walking distance.

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