lumiere, fairies.

it’s monday, is it?

this weekend was way too busy and so i’m still playing catch up on photos and recipes. but there will be both. and bikes!

but, right now, i want to tell you about fairies. and lanterns. and stilt-walkers. unfortunately, i don’t have any photos of the stilt-walkers.

lumiere is coming!* this year, the event will be on september 4 and is sure to bring out princesses and trolls and some wonderful performance art.

those who wish to attend can bring their own lanterns, but they can also head down to the crichton community centre in the weeks leading up to the festival to make some that will be on display at the event.

the lumiere website is currently under construction, but i’ve been assured that they are going forward, full-steam. if you have some spare time this summer, i would strongly suggest volunteering. it’s well worth it, just to see a night of magic come together.

if you can’t volunteer, consider this the opportunity to break out some fairy wings, (or a unicorn costume), grab a lantern (or mason jar) and see some spectacular art and performance.

*for those who don’t know, the event is usually the first or second weekend in august; this year, when i didn’t see any information, i feared the worst. luckily, not so.


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