on utensils. (and poutine!)

seinfeld does a bit about chopsticks. but, i disagree with him. they’re like an extension of fingers. they really make a lot of sense. but, my husband didn’t use them until our second date; he thought that if he didn’t make an effort, he’s look uncultured. it might have been true.

don and i met up with izzy for poutine yesterday. izzy and don are organizing a poutine crawl for next saturday, to raise money for her Give to Live campaign. a poutine crawl is exactly what it sounds like, and if you live in ottawa, i suggest going! (heck, i’ll be there!)

anyway. at lunch yesterday, don whipped out a pair of chopsticks. he noted that he eats fries with chopsticks and proceeded to dig in. honestly, i don’t blame him. i hate the fork for fries. you get a bunch clumped together and then it’s all mushy. or they fall off. with fingers, you’re bound to burn yourself, or get ketchup somewhere you shouldn’t (that being anywhere that isn’t in your mouth).

i had a similar experience today with my altufo mango. it had been sitting at my desk all week, as i wondered how i was going to eat it. i do not have a knife at work, just a fork and a spoon. leaving it there over the weekend was not an option; it was too ripe. i had a napkin as my only plating device, so i didn’t want it to be too messy. i also hate biting into mangoes. it’s the equivalent of nails on a chalkboard, but for my teeth. really.

so, what did i do? i scored it with the fork. i removed the peel with my fingers. then i cut into it with my spoon. repeat. totally not rocket science, but i felt brilliant.

i suppose what i’m saying here, is that utensils are more than tools divided by a hemisphere. they are what is useful to you, when you need them. utensilis. lat.: that which is useful.

image a new idea


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