this weekend.

i already mentioned the pizza. i only wish that i had taken my camera with me on friday night. after pizza, we made the trek to meech lake and swam. and swam. and swam. and played fribsee. and listened to a guy on his guitar. and then ate lemon ice cream. which, is my new favourite flavour.

ice cream. (la cigale is a cicada or a cricket in french)

herbs, not mine.
herbs, from allium

new dresser
my new dresser

basically, this weekend was about food, family and design. and fiddling with a screwdriver. (the dresser was new-to-me, but half the screws were loose and it fell apart completely on our way home).


2 thoughts on “this weekend.

  1. Ahhhh lemon! I stopped by Piccolo Grande last Thursday and I had lemon sherbet. It was delicious!

    Now I think I’ll go try that lemon ice cream at La cigale one evening this week if you say it’s good…

    Old Chelsea is such a great place to hang out (and it’s just 5 minutes away).

    • The lemon ice cream is insane. It’s creamy and tangy and all around delightful.

      If you don’t see them right away, it’s because they moved to Scott Street (I think that’s the name). They’ve got a bigger backyard now and more seating.

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