my fair lady.

number 6. street fair.

i knew this one was going to be quite easy to accomplish, because when i put it on there we had booked our trip to europe, which involved two street (or city) fairs. this weekend, i went to a garage sale that was not unlike a street fair in its madness and its joy.

i suppose you could refer to canada day in the capital as a festival in the streets of ottawa, and then there’s culture days, which is a really cool cultural celebration that happens on streets, in cities and across the country*

i digress. there is no dearth of street fairs on my radar this summer. but, to mention two:

seville, horses.

seville, feria de sevilla.

if you go to spain around easter, be sure to go to sevilla. not only do they have some of the best tapas and a lovely cathedral, they also host a huge party. blocks upon blocks of street were closed, tents were set up and people ate and drank, danced and rode on horses. in some of the most gorgeous dresses**. with the fierce heat and near non-existant knowledge of spanish, andrew and i trodded through and stared. actually, i stared. he asked if we could please keep going, for he was thirsty. men.

amsterdam, actually.

amsterdam, queen’s day (koniginnedag)

this photo doesn’t give the nonsense justice at all. this is the tame, children running through the streets and throwing streamers, queen’s day. the best part is the vrjimarkt, (free market), where anyone in the city can set up a spot to sell anything, without a permit. oh, and the opera. the opera was pretty cool. and the street food.
not cool: getting really sick (read: stomach flu, not hangover) the day that followed. oh well, i have a gorgeous 1970s alarm clock to remember it all by, and only for a euro.

street fairs people are my kind of people. except for the really crazy ones. it’s amazing though, in amsterdam, even on queen’s day, you can never smell the weed.

*except in alberta, where they already had “alberta arts days”. i’m going to refrain from any sort of political commentary here. perhaps i’ll discuss it over on the semi-professional, sometimes-academic blog.

**which are not designed for those of us who have the tiniest bit of a tummy, for they are terribly unforgiving.

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