last weekend and this one.

a brief overview of thngs other than the museum of nature:

sunshine at the cottage…

…where there was bicycling to be had…

hello, there.
…and turtles to be found.

(there were also steps to be built, pumps to be mended, a dock to be hauled, and a basement to build. there are still some of these things.)

and this one:
– the great glebe garage sale
– my niece’s 10th birthday party and my grandmother-in-law’s 90th birthday party. they’re on the same day, but one will see her whole extended family and the other will get pedicures with girlfriends. guess which is which.
research. i was planning on going to an academic conference for the weekend, but i am totally exhausted and the weekend hasn’t even begun. that said, i need to get my butt in gear. i have under fifty weeks until my research is due.

i am unplugging for the rest of the day and perhaps for most of the weekend. i need to do some serious research and recharging, lest i be able to function next week.

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