i one the sandbox.

have you ever played the sandbox game? it’s from an old bert & ernie sketch on sesame street. ernie of them starts with “i one the sandbox” and bert says “i two the sandbox” and so on. eventually, you get to “i eight (ate) the sandbox” and the other person responds: “you ate the sandbox? how did it taste!?”

my niece thinks this is hilarious. consequently, we play it frequently and whenever i hear the words “i won”, i can’t help but to add “the sandbox”.

anyway, ladies and gentlemen, i won the sandbox.

the ladies over at the brightside project have been running daily giveaways for the last year and a bit, to bring sunshine to your everyday. there’s no strings attached, just a bucketful of lovely sponsors who want to help out with giveaways. each giveaway entry merely requires the answer to a question, sometimes serious, sometimes silly, but always thoughtful.

anne of the city sage had a loverly giveaway last week. she wanted to know what our favourite thing to collect was. of course, after my relationship with the thonet chair (what? i still haven’t told you that story), i had to say chairs.

and, i won. a gorgeous clutch and two beautiful graphic prints.

this is a little bit about me gloating, but more about me telling you to run. don’t walk. run to the brightside project.


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