how the cake ended.

subtitle: why you don’t have a picture of the cake, yet.

guys, i almost had my first cake catastrophe. but i didn’t. thankfully. the first layer of buttercream went on well. the second layer went on well. the decorating went smoothly. and then, i tried to remove the parchment paper from the cake stand.

the what from the what, you ask? way back, the kitchn suggested that by placing small stripes of parchment paper between the cake and the cake stand, you could decorate in a mess-free manner. what they neglected to remind me is that ice cream cake is heavier than normal cake. thus, getting the parchment out from underneath the cake, which is also melting as you ice it, is next to impossible.

the lesson here? ice cream cakes are mammoth beasts and should be treated with the utmost respect.

pictures tomorrow, i promise. (right now, the cake is resetting in the freezer, salvaged at the hands of a great “GO AWAY!” to my husband).

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