raw cake.

i know. it’s an oxymoron, right? mmm. not quite.

a friend of ours is coming for dinner right now and he’s on a diet, a very strange one at that: he’s cut out all sugar, including that of fruit. no fruit, no agave, no honey, no sweetener of any kind.

i’m not going to go into the health issues that i think are probably associated with that, nor am i going to mention the fact that potatoes have more carbohydrates than some fruit.

i am merely going to lament the fact that there will be no dessert on saturday.

the question that this raises for me is: dare i attempt a raw cake. a cake made of carrots, nuts, coconut and spices? i’m not even sure if nuts are fair game, to be honest.

it sounds like a raw deal. (pun intended).

image from zomt

One thought on “raw cake.

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