we’re back. i’m not saying that with a thousand exclamation marks and a roar of pride, joy and excitement. oh no. i have no energy for these things.

see, this trip started with a marvelous sinus infection. in the middle, i discovered that i am allergic to fiberglass.* and on our second-to-last day in amsterdam, i contracted a very nasty viral stomach, which resulted in spending a lot of time in our host’s bathroom and my bedroom and substantially less time in the oude kerk (read: zero).

but, we are back. posting will be slower than i should have liked for this week, but there will be posting, for there are stories. and photos. and, if i really get my energy back, i might even have a give away for you.

*i discovered this allergy because the laundry machines were on the terrace of the hotel we stayed at, and the terrace floors were covered in fiberglass so as to shield them from the elements. understandable, yes. but i was sunbathing, while waiting for the clothes. so there were hives. and not the kind with bees in them.

image via p


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