eating for littler ones.

my niece turns ten in may. i love her dearly, as well as my sister-in-law, though i disagree with the latter’s parenting skills on many levels.

one of these levels has to do with food. my darling niece isn’t terribly active and doesn’t eat a tonne of vegetables. rather, she snacks on cheese, sugar and other carbohydrates. my sister-in-law often allows her to have a slush puppie in the afternoon and then dairy queen a few short hours later. i see these sorts of things as treats.

the main reason i permitted her cheese and crackers as a snack this afternoon was because a) we didn’t have groceries and b) the crackers were made with whole grain. even then, she mostly ate the cheese and left some of the crackers.

this isn’t about bashing my sister-in-law, so much as it is about how i want to impart healthier habits on my niece.

my niece likes cooking, as a concept, and she likes the food we serve when she eats here. would it be a terrible idea to make a cookbook for her?

do you have any favourite recipes that your kids love? or that you loved as a kid?

or, is this all wishful thinking?

image via molly


One thought on “eating for littler ones.

  1. I think it’s tough. Growing up, we had no snack food in the house. At all. I mean, there were nuts and sometimes dried fruit and cheese, but no prepared foods. What it meant was that we learned to cook at an early age. We could scramble eggs (standing on a stepstool) by age 5 and make spaghetti (from scratch) by age 7.

    BUT, since she isn’t your kid, you don’t have a whole lot of control over her eating habits. I would try cooking with her, letting her work alongside you and see you enjoy it. Making her a cookbook is a sweet idea – I had a simple cookbook as a child and loved it.

    And, I love slush puppies and haven’t had one in over a decade! I can’t believe you guys have a place that has them!

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