latkes, but not really.


is it kosher to make potato pancakes with purple potato?

well, i just did. these are officially my new favourite food. mostly because, and i don’t think this part is kosher, you can put almost anything in them.

my basic latke recipe.
makes 1 big latke.

1 small potato, pick your colour. 2 new potatoes would also work. i used a purple one. grate it.
onion, about 2 tbsp, grated.
1 egg

mix these three together in a small bowl. here, you can get fancy with seasonings. or you can add more shredded veggies. i would suggest not adding more than another 1/4 cup of shredded veggies, lest your mixture become dry. you want more protein than that egg? add an ounce of cheese.

pour about 1 tbsp oil into a 6-8″ skillet, and heat it on medium high.
drop in your mixture and spread it evenly.
let it cook for a good 5-7 minutes, until you can shift it around the pan without it breaking.
flip it. it’s scary, i know. you can use a spatula for this part.
let it cook for another 3 or 4 minutes.

serve. here, you can get fancy again, with ketchup, salsa, sour cream or cream cheese.

ps. i’m sorry about the lack of quality photos. truly. i would like to have my camera back. on that note, i’m going to call best buy.


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