the cull of the wild.

this could be a post about chopping off my locks. or culling the geese that have taken up residence across the street. however, it is not.

this is about trying to take control of (our) bedroom. because, it’s overflowing. rachel is generally fairly organized, so i peaked around her blog a bit for tips on organization before tackling the room. namely, what i was tackling was my dresser and the closet. specifically, the mountains of clothing that have piled up.

so, with the tragically hip and a few mouthfuls of pascale’s ice cream, i set off to work.

four piles: keeping, keeping-but-not-in-season*, consignment, garbage.

most of it went into keeping or consignment. there was a lot of trying on.

a girl i went to high school with, she claimed to collect underwear. 365 pair, she claimed to have had. my t-shirt collection was getting awfully close. i had about forty. now, i have fifteen.

it feels much more sane, organized and generally reasonable in this room.
i’m not contending with forty different t-shirts in the morning, for one thing.

*i’m not convinced about this season business, given that it was 70F/21C all last week.


One thought on “the cull of the wild.

  1. Thank you for thinking I’m organized! I go through fits and spurts and I’m incredibly grateful that you can’t see my bedroom at this very second.

    But, doesn’t it feel a million times better when you get one of those purges done? Also, the underwear collection is freaking me out. Where does one store 365 pairs of underwear? And how do you motivate yourself to do laundry if you can go for a year without running out?

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