this weekend.

it’s been a while since i’ve contemplated my weekend, and the fact that i am without my camera makes it more difficult.

so, my weekend, in other people’s pictures.

molly’s carrot cake, on friday, for my older sister-in law’s birthday*

molly’s lemon cake, on sunday, just because.

there was a lot of cake. not that i minded. (omg. the lemon cake was insane.)

and in between mixing, baking and icing of said cakes (click on the photos for the recipes), there was more reading and writing than my mind could bear.

i also looked into a new-to-me film camera. only 100$. not too spendy at all.

you know what i didn’t do enough of this weekend? sleep. (or exercise, but that’s not what i was going for).

*due to the lack of camera having, i can’t show you how i managed to make a carrot cake look quite pretty. i hate how carrot cake is often iced with wee little carrots. instead, i bought a branch of dark magenta orchids and plucked them off. into the sides of the cake they went.

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