lament for a vacation.

subtitle: the defeat of first year graduate studies.


anyone who reads or studies canadian political science/history/literature/communications studies probably knows the name george grant. in addition to being uncle to our current leader of the opposition, he was a well-regarded philosopher, whose book lament for a nation: the defeat of canadian nationalism came at a pivotal point in the history of canadian national identity.

and, no. i am not planning on writing a book review. i’m simply trying to contextualize this title/subtitle combo.

my point? i’m spent. i think that writing a thesis should be likened to having an infant. because there are some nights that i’m up at three in the morning with it and others where i sleep from 2 until 4 in the afternoon, only to be awakened to feed it some more. this is a good lesson in parenting. and in self-discipline.

i would love to tell you that i’m excited for this weekend, and for the promise of spring. right now, i am merely exciting to finish writing my historiography chapter so that my vacation can maybe sneek itself in before easter.

and don’t even ask about all the other things that i haven’t followed up on this week (read: couch repair, hostel in madrid, our dishes that we order two months ago, a dentist appointment and countless e-mails). le sigh.


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