le list.

mmmk. so after that last post, i finished up some of the nutty stuff that’s going on en mi casa*, including sourdough bread and a wee bit of theory.

and now, it is nearly time for the wave pool.

i have enough time to stuff my face with cheese chive scrambled eggs and to write up a list that i’ve had in my physics notebook since mid-february.

without too much detail, which i don’t have time for**, this is a list of twenty-four things that i want to do before i turn twenty-five (next june). i’ve seen this done before, and i like lists. i also like doing things. and almost all of the things on this list, i like doing.***

here goes.

01. try one new cheese every month.
02. visit one of the ten largest cities in the us.
03. have a publication credit (that isn’t my thesis).
04. get a pedicure.
05. take a photography class.
06. go to a street fair. april 2010, seville and amsterdam
07. read an entire book, for pleasure. 18 march 2010, a homemade life
08. get my driver’s license.
09. knit a pair of socks.
10. run a 10k race in under one hour****
11. make macarons.
12. read a seminal work on urban design.
13. change my hair cut/colour
14. make paper mache.
15. bike to work. and home again. repeat.**** 11 july 2010 and 12 july 2010
16. bake something delicious and gluten-free. 21 may 2010, lemon & fig cupcakes
17. volunteer for forty hours.
18. make ice cream from scratch
19. sew something, either by hand or by machine.
20. have a snowball fight.
21. host a sort-of-fancy dinner party.
22. sort through all books, magazines, cds, dvds and clothing items. make room.
23. find a magazine series that i love, and subscribe to it.
24. try yoga, again.

*spain in five weeks. i need to brush up on my spanish
**particularly now that the sister-in-law is coming by early, because she’s lost her bathing suit bottoms and we’re the same size.
***number 8 is not my cup of tea.
**** numbers 10 and 15 are to counteract numbers 1, 11 and 18.

[photo credit eduardo cervantes]


6 thoughts on “le list.

  1. If you come visit me in Chicago we can take care of 2,13,14,18,19. haha I’m good at those things. As for 8…can’t help you there, I think driving sucks too.

    Good luck, I don’t like making lists because I never finish them.
    (oh and not to be a stalker, I clicked something on your twitter and this came up)

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